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01/30/2019 – Real or Not?


01/30/2019 – The Beatles – Yesterday and Today
rs-245574-the-beatles-yesterday-todayWhile out on a recent quest to get more vinyl, a copy of Yesterday and Today (The Butcher Album) was found (see second photo). I knew of the album but not much more than that. So I wanted to learn more and decided to share…

From Wikipedia: The album is remembered primarily for the controversy surrounding its original cover image. It is said to be the Beatles’ statement against the Vietnam War, this ‘butcher cover’ image showed the band dressed in white smocks and covered with decapitated baby dolls and pieces of raw meat. Others said it was the Beatles protesting the fact that their North American albums had been ‘butchered’ – switched around and not as originally intended. beat

Capitol initially ordered plant managers to destroy the covers, and the Jacksonville plant delivered most of its copies to a landfill. However, faced with so many jackets already printed, Capitol decided instead to paste the replacement cover over the old ones. The new cover had to be trimmed on the open end by about 3 mm (1/8 inch) because the new sheet, known as a “slick”, was not placed exactly “square” on top of the original cover. Tens of thousands of these so-called ‘trunk covers’ were sent out. As word of this maneuver became known to the public, owners of the altered cover attempted, usually unsuccessfully, to peel off the pasted-over cover, hoping to reveal the original image hidden beneath. Eventually, the soaring value and desirability of unpasted-over ‘butcher covers’ spurred the development of intricate and complex techniques for peeling the ‘trunk cover’ off in such a way that only faint horizontal glue lines remained on the original cover.

Copies that have never had the white cover pasted onto them, known as “first state” covers, are very rare and command the highest prices. Copies with the pasted-on cover intact above the ‘butcher’ image are known as “second state” . These can be identified if Ringo Starr’s black V-neck shirt from the original cover can be seen through the paste-over to the right of the trunk lid (in alignment with the word “Today” from the album title). Covers that have had the ‘trunk cover’ removed to reveal the underlying ‘butcher’ image are known as “third state” covers.

01/17/2019 – Find This Gem in The “Explore Vinyl” Section


Coming in February to the Great Lakes Antique Mall in Coloma is this gem! The World’s Greatest Bluegrass Bands – 2 Record Set.

Vinyl: VG+
Cover: VG+
Year Released: 1977

01/02/2019 – Promotional Records
A promotional vinyl record, or promo, or plug copy, is distributed to promote an upcoming release. Promo’s usually have the words “Not For Sale” or “Promotional Copy” printed on the label. Promos are normally sent radio stations DJs and music journalists in the hope that airplay, reviews, and other forms of exposure will sell more records

Promos are produced in smaller quantity than releases made available to the general public, they are sometimes considered valuable collectors’ items.

At the Great Lakes Antique Mall in Coloma, MI promo records are for sale. The quantity of promo records at any one time is very limited due to its scarcity. Below is a small sample of the promo records that are or will be for sale.

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12/26/2018 – Who is Bernard Webb?

Many, many 50¢ – 45 RPM’s vinyl records are for sale at the Great Lakes Antique Mall in Coloma. These 45’s cover a variety of genres and years and the condition of the 45’s also vary from NM- (Near Mint Minus) to G (Good).

Click Here for Record Grading Standards explained

From time to time, I will provide a little information on one the 45’s that is or will be offered for sale.

Today’s (12/26/18) featured 45 is…IMG_E0443[1]
Peter And Gordan – Woman
Vinyl Grade: VG+

1966 – Pop/Rock
Song peaked at #14 on the Billboard Charts

Info from on Woman – Paul McCartney wrote this song using the pseudonym Bernard Webb. He used this name to see if the public would like the song on its own merits, not knowing that the famous Beatle was behind it. The song was a modest hit, although not nearly as big as “A World Without Love,” which he also wrote for Peter & Gordon. Word did get out that McCartney wrote the song, and he knew his cover was blown when he saw a banner at one of their shows that said “Long Live Bernard Webb.”

Audio clip from Peter & Gordon – Woman that will be for sale

Explore music cheaply! buy a 45 or two!

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