Why 74 Kid?

Around 2004 I joined a few online poker sites. My go to screen name was 74 Kid.

I was not born in 1974 but I was a kid in 1974. I have always loved music. Some of the cheesy music from around 1974 has a special place in my heart…

Seasons In The Sun, Hooked On A Feeling (Ooga Chaka), Kung Fu Fighting, The Night Chicago Died, Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me) to name a few.

After I retired it seemed to make sense to do something music related, keep busy and hopefully a little money to sustain business. It was decided to name the business 74 Kid Records.

The concept for the 74 Kid Records is simple: buy vinyl records and related items at a fair price, sell vinyl records at a better price.

Creating a pleasant buying experience and putting unwanted vinyl records in the hands of people will enjoy them was is what 74 Kid Records is all about.

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