Behind The Curtain of a Vinyl Deal

On YouTube, videos on the vinyl record collections bought by Record Shops are numerous. The one thing I have yet to find by watching these videos is what was paid for the collections.

Recently we bought a collection of about 75 albums, CD’s and even a few VHS Tapes. See below for photos. Price paid was $400

When buying vinyl records. Here’s what I consider before making an offer…

  1. Condition
  2. Vinyl included
  3. Vinyl for my private collection
  4. How fast can I sell the vinyl that I don’t keep my private collection (Best Guess)


This an important part of the process. Checking the condition of the vinyl records is extremely important. This is very time consuming but necessary. Knowledge of the vinyl record grading system is is vital. Goldmine is the industry standard for record grade categories.

Lastly, confirm the record jacket matches the record inside.

Vinyl Included:

Rock is king and is the most desirable genre for vinyl record collectors and commands top prices. That said, we buy most genres. The lot pictured below had about 90% rock included.

Vinyl For My Private Collection:

I love music and love adding records to my collection.

How fast can I sell the vinyl:

I usually put the vinyl into four categories:

  1. Vinyl likely to sell within four months.
  2. Vinyl likely to sell within fours months to one year.
  3. Vinyl likely to take more than a year to sell.
  4. Vinyl that is NOT likely to sell.

The more vinyl records in category one the higher price the collection will be worth.

We are always buying vinyl records. Thanks for reading!


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