Top 5 Live Albums

Recently on both of our Facebook pages – 74 Kid Records Illinois and 74 Kid Records Michigan the question was asked, what is your favorite live album. We had many great responses (see below).

I decided to list my 5 favorite live albums. Here you go…

  1. Kiss – Alive
  2. Foghat – Live
  3. Peter Frampton – Frampton Comes Alive
  4. The Band – The Last Waltz
  5. Aerosmith – Live Bootleg

Some of the Facebook responses…(In no order)

Lynyrd Skynyrd – One More From The Road, The Who – Live At Leeds, Kiss – Alive 2, Ozzy Osbourne – Randy Rhoads Tribute, David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust Live, Genesis – Seconds Out, Led Zeppelin – Songs Remain The Same, Allman Brothers – Live At The Fillmore, Pat Travers Band – Go For What You Know, Motorhead – No Sleep Til Hammersmith, Iron Maiden – Live After Death, Rare Earth – In Concert, Wings – Over America, Cheap Trick – At Budokhan, Tom Petty – Live Anthology, Nirvana – Unplugged, Black Sabbath – Live Evil, The Doors – Hollywood Bowl. Ozzy Osbourne – Speak Of The Devil, Talking Heads – Stop Making Sense, Bob Seger – Live Bullet, Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison, Ramones – It’s Alive, UF0 – Strangers In The Night

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