10 Songs In My Playlist

Most playlists have basically the same songs on it, depending on the type of music you like. The fringe songs are on the playlist, separate your list from mine (possibly). They can be a deep cut, oldie (before your time), one hit (no hit) wonder or a song from an obscure band.

Here are my ten…

  • Royal And The Serpent – Overwhelmed
  • Jonathan Coulton – Re: Your Brains
  • Ray Bryant Combo – Madison Time
  • Brothers Osbourne – It Ain’t My Fault
  • LCD Soundsystem – Movement
  • Galactic – Hey Na Na
  • Cowboy Mouth – Jenny Says
  • Divine Fits – Would That Not Be Nice
  • Eddie Spaghetti – Never Thought I Would
  • Dan Baird – I Love You Period

Songs on this list range from 1960 to 2020

Based on my list. Can you recommended a song? It’s great finding new songs or older songs that I have missed.

Know someone that may want to sell their vinyl records? Let us know. I’ll hook you up with a 74 Kid Records shirt, if the lead pans out.

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